108 – Institute Management System Project in VB

Institute Management System is for managing staff, student, library record of any institute. In manual Institute Management System they have to maintain all records manually which involves record keeping of student, employee, courses, employee salary and attendance, library books and their transaction. This new system will replace entire manual task with computer based system.

Modules of Institute Management System

  1. Login Module
  2. Center master
  3. Designation master
  4. Course master
  5. Batch schedule master
  6. Employee master
  7. Employee attendance
  8. Student registration
  9. Batch allocation master
  10. Student attendance
  11. Book master
  12. CD master
  13. Book issue – receive form
  14. CD issue – receive form
  15. Center report
  16. Student report
  17. Employee report
  18. Book report
  19. CD report

Existing Institute Management System

The idea of developing ‘Institute Management System’ came when I visited to an education institute where I saw all the work is being done manually and all data is stored in registers and paper files. As all the data is stored as a physical record so it is very difficult and time taking process to search any specific record. The institute admin is fully dependent on staff to manage institute record. When any new student comes in the institute for registration, all his detail is stored in these registers.

If we want to update his/her any details later on the we need to search that register, find specific record and then we can edit that. It requires too much time and there is also a big chance of error. Similarly in library there were hundreds of books. There also all the data was being stored manually. It requires a large number of paper files. To overcome these entire problem due to manual work this Institute Management System project is developed.

Introduction to Institute Management System

This is an attempt to create a computer based “Institute Management System” that will replace all the manual work being done in the institute. This project is simple to use and fast. This system is developed by keeping general requirement of education institutes. All the records like student, employee, and books record are stored in database. Each record has a unique id by which these can be searched later on.

Software requirements for Institute Management System

Operating system: windows XP or later on

Front end: Visual basic 6.0

Back End : SQL Server

Download Institute Management System Synopsis

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Details of purchasing this project

Project TitleInstitute Management System
Project Code108
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.6.0, SQL Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR) 1000/- 
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