139 – Hospital Management System Project on Asp

Hospital Management System is a web based project implemented in Asp.Net and SQL Server technology. This project helps hospital administration to manage all records of hospital. This project keeps track of records like doctors, wards, room allocation, inpatient record, outpatient record, service and medicine given to the patients and billing.

Modules of Hospital Management System

Main module of this project are as follows:

  1. Login
  2. Change password
  3. Doctor master
  4. Employee master
  5. Medicine master
  6. Service master
  7. Department master
  8. Word master
  9. Room master
  10. Feedback
  11. Doctor report
  12. Department report
  13. Service report
  14. Ward report
  15. Room report
  16. Medicine report
  17. Patient registration
  18. Medical treatment
  19. Service treatment
  20. Billing
  21. Discharge patient
  22. Outdoor patient
  23. Add medical treatment

Abstract of Hospital Management System Project

The Hospital Management System is a computer based management information system. This application has been developed for managing whole records of hospital including doctor, patient, billing, service, medicine etc. Room allocation is also managed by this web application. This software will handle all these above records. This is web based project developed in asp.net and SQL server. In this project both: inpatient and outpatient are managed. Outpatients are those patients who often visit hospital for check-up or any OPD service. These patients have separate section in the software. Inpatient refers to those patients who are admitting in the hospital for treatment. These patients have separate module. It includes room allocation, medicine and service details.

Objective of Hospital Management System

  • Maintain day to day status of admission and discharged patients, bills and list of doctors.
  • Schedule the doctor- patient appointment.
  • Keep record of room allocation status in the hospital.
  • Keep record of services given to the patient for calculation at the time of billing.
  • Schedule services of the doctor with patient.
  • Technologies used
  • Provide easy to handle record management and retrieval system in the hospital.
  • Manage separate record of inpatient and outpatients.
  • Keep record of prescription provided by the doctor.
  • Medicine department keeps record of patient taking medicine.
  • For managing doctor records and employees record.
  • To make billing process fast and efficient.
  • Microsoft visual studio for front end development
  • Microsoft SQL server for database

Download Hospital Management System Synopsis

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Details of purchasing this project

Project TitleHospital Management System
Project Code139
Project TypeWeb
TechnologyAsp.Net (C#), SQL Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR) 3000/- 
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