126 – Insurance Management System Project on Asp

Insurance Management System project is a complete solution for organization which needs to manage different type of insurance. Organization can track insurance, premium and policies with this application. Existing manual system of insurance management system takes long time to manage customer insurance records. This online application offers a robust web based insurance solution.

Modules of Insurance Management System

  1. Login
  2. Edit profile
  3. Change password
  4. State master
  5. City master
  6. Policy master
  7. Agent master
  8. Branch master
  9. New customer
  10. Premium payment
  11. Pending premium
  12. Agent report
  13. Policy report
  14. Customer report
  15. Branch report
  16. Inquiry

Introduction to Insurance Management System

Nowadays insurance has been widely accepted by the public. There are many types of insurance such as property insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, car insurance and many more. In the existing system of insurance management all the insurance record keeping work is done manually. It requires too much time. So we plan to automate insurance management. This is a web base application written in aps.net with vb programming language. For database SQL server has been used which provides great security features. The insurance company has to keep track of details about policy, agent, premium, customer and much more. This application provides all these record keeping activities of any insurance company.

Objective of Insurance Management System

The main objectives behind developing this project are described below:

  • Produce user friendly interface: To make easy record management user interface should be very simple and easy to handle.
  • Generate quick reports: In the existing system it takes a long time to generate any reports. So this is also an objective of new system to generate quick reports.
  • Keep data secure: Data security was a big issue in the old system. All insurance data is recorded on paper so there is big chance of data loss in case of physical damage. So the third objective is to provide data security.

Download Insurance Management System Synopsis

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Details of purchasing this project

Project TitleInsurance Management System
Project Code126
Project TypeWeb
TechnologyAsp.Net (VB), SQL Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR) 2500/- 
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