131 – Online Visa Application Processing System Project

Online Visa Application Processing System is an automated system. It makes the process of visa application processing and approval very simple. There are many types of visa issued by the government. Every type of visa has a separate list of requirements. Based on these requirements visa application is approved or disapproved. Anyone willing to get visa must fulfill these requirements. So in this way visa application processing work is a lengthy process. This application will make it simple and fast.

Modules of Online Visa Application Processing System

Main modules of this project are as follows:

  1. User login
  2. New applicant
  3. Visa application
  4. Application status
  5. Visa renewal application
  6. Application inquiry
  7. Renewal application inquiry
  8. Application report
  9. Employee master
  10. Renewal report
  11. Inquiry report
  12. Feedback

Existing Visa Application Processing System

In the existing system all visa application are processed manually. Applicants give their application on paper in a prescribed format. This application is checked by the authority and eligibility of visa grant is checked. If required then the interview with the application is performed. After that final decision over the application is taken. Every visa is given for some finite period of time after that applicant have to renew his visa. Then he has to submit visa renewal application again to the authorities and they perform the same operation.

Proposed Online Visa Processing System

In the proposed Online Visa Application Processing System we have tried to reduce paper work and make execution process fast by computerizing the manual work done by the employees. This new application is an online application so applications can apply for visa any time and from anywhere. The online application for contains the same queries as in manual format. So there is no need to enter any details again.  The authorized person can check this application for eligibility criteria and approve or disapprove it. Similar case with the visa renewal application. They can apply for visa renewal online.

Download Online Visa Application Processing Synopsis

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Details of purchasing this project

Project TitleOnline Visa Application Processing System
Project Code131
Project TypeWeb
TechnologyAsp.Net (C#), SQL Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR) 3000/- 
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