106 – Library Management Project in VB6

Library Management Project is a result of detailed study on general requirements of college library. This is a desktop based project and it can run on stand-alone system as well as over the LAN.

Modules of Library Management Project

  1. User login
  2. Subject master
  3. Book entry master
  4. Publisher master
  5. Add qualification
  6. Membership master
  7. Renew member
  8. Book issue
  9. Book receive
  10. Report

Existing vs Proposed Library Management system

  • The current method of library management system does not have any facility of multiple user login whereas the proposed system will have facility of multiple user login for parallel operation.
  • The existing Library Management Project does not have any dedicated method to see status of all books whereas the proposed system has facility to generate various MIS reports.
  • In existing system of library management system all work is done manually so there is big chance of human error in reading / writing data while the proposed Library Management Project is computer based to there is not such possibility. Also the new system will be faster as compared to the existing system.

Library Management Project aim and objectives

  • Library Management Project is a general VB project for managing daily office work of any library. The main objectives of developing this project are as follows:
  • With this project all member and book record can be computerized. This will reduce paper work in the library.
  • This system will save users time as all the book issue and receive transactions will be done through computer by a single click.
  • Management can see status of all books in a single report, like how many books are issued and how many are available in library.
  • With Library Management Project library staff can better handle any query related to book.

Download Library Management System vb6.0 Synopsis

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Details of purchasing this project

Project TitleLibrary Management System
Project Code106
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.6.0, SQL Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR) 1500/- 
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