251 – Optical Showroom Project on Asp.Net VB

Optical showroom project is implemented in asp.net. This is online shopping category project for providing high standard spectacles, lenses and other eye wear. Use of online optical store project will increase efficiency and minimize the errors. It will make information sharing more easy and fast. It will allow customers to buy optical products.

Modules of optical showroom project

Main modules of ‘optical showroom project’ are as follows

  1. Login
  2. Customer registration
  3. Product master
  4. City master
  5. State master
  6. Department master
  7. Display product
  8. Add to cart
  9. Place order
  10. Employee master
  11. Employee login
  12. Employee salary
  13. Low stock notification
  14. Product report
  15. Employee report
  16. Customer report
  17. Salary report
  18. Month wise sale report
  19. Eye check-up details

Abstract of optical showroom project

This is web project. It does not need sophisticated machine or software to run. It runs on web browser. There is not any training required to operate the software. This project helps to bring global customers and services. This optical store system allows seller to start selling in no time. Seller can add as many products he wants. Customer can view all the optical products available on the website for selling and buy online. Payment option is through credit card. Every time customer buys a product, its stock is deducted accordingly. When stock of any product goes down below reorder level, a low level stock indication appears on the home screen.

Key features of the optical showroom project

  • This project is online so customer and admin can access it 24×7.
  • Seller start selling products as he publishes any product information and buying option.
  • Every product also contains a preview image of the product.
  • Employee record can also be maintained with this project.

Download Optical Showroom Project Synopsis

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Details of purchasing this project

Project TitleOptical Showroom Project
Project Code251
Project TypeWeb
TechnologyAsp.Net(VB), SQL Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR) 3000/- 
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