231 – Visa Processing Information System Asp Project

Visa Processing Information System is to automate visa approval and renewal process. Visa Processing System processes all types of visa applications in the organization. It mainly deals with H1B visa of employees. This is online system so applicants can submit their application online. Similarly existing visa holed can apply for renewal online.

Modules of Visa Processing Information System

Main modules of ‘Visa Processing Information System’ are as follows

  1. User login
  2. Application registration
  3. Visa application
  4. Visa renewal application
  5. View visa status
  6. Visa application enquiry
  7. Visa renewal enquiry
  8. New employee registration
  9. Update employee record
  10. Visa status report
  11. Visa renewal report
  12. Inquiry report
  13. User feedback detail

Abstract of Visa Processing Information System

This automated Visa Processing Information System describes the process of applying for visa. There are various type of visa provided by the government for different purpose. This project deals with most of them. Proposed system is feasible for the applicant to apply for visa application online. It provide more flexibility to the applicant as compared to the existing system. Visa Processing Information System reduce communication gap between applicant and visa officer. This process makes visa process very easy and fast by sitting applicant at their home.

Scope of Visa Processing Information System

This system can easily use in process of applying visa. It allows the applicants to easily apply for visa. It provides more flexibility to the applicants like reduce in time and applicant can apply visa conveniently from any place any time. Because of online support visa has become an easy process for all the applicant.

Download Visa Processing Information System Synopsis

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Details of purchasing this project

Project TitleVisa Processing Information system
Project Code231
Project TypeWeb
TechnologyAsp.Net (C#), SQL Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR) 3000/- 
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