104 – Sales Information System

Sales Information System is an application to improve and monitor sales management system of any company. Here all sales and purchase records like products, stock management; billing etc is managed by computerized system. This is useful application for keeping track of inventories.

Objectives of Sales Information System

Sales Information System is a project for improving the performance of any trading company. This system can be used to store details of item purchased, sold item, generate bill and inventory management. This software is very user friendly so it saves lots of time spend in billing. All the calculation is done automatically by the system and stored in the database. All the data is stored in a centralized database so any times we can get latest updated reports and know the current status of the inventory. Some of the main objectives of Sales Information System project are as follows:

Sales Information System

  • Reduce paper work in the trading company
  • Make billing process faster
  • Provide up to date reports
  • Secure sales/purchase data from unauthorized access
  • Improve productivity

Modules of Sales Information System

  1. User management
  2. Product master
  3. Unit master
  4. City master
  5. State master
  6. Customer master
  7. Supplier master
  8. Sales
  9. Purchase
  10. Reports

Abstract of Sales Management System

As mentioned above ‘Sales Information System’ is generalized software that can be adopted by any trading company for handling inventory related task. This is a fully dynamic project. In this project user add master record of all the products that are soled or purchased by the company. Similarly all the reusable general records like city, state and product unit etc are entered once as master record in the database. And user can use these records later on in billing and purchase entry. This makes the task easier to manage and fast. After entering most of the general master record entries user can start purchasing and billing. For item purchase entry this has purchase module. User enters the purchased item name, quantity etc and supplier from where it is purchased and save the record. Similarly for billing there is sale module where user can enter details of the entire sale made by the company. In this software we store customer and supplier details in master record for further use. For using these two masters we have two more masters: customer master and dealer master.

Operational feasibility of Sales Information System

This is a vb project. For database we have used SQL Server which is supposed to be very secure and safe. This system is very user friendly. All the forms and entries are menu driven. Users can work with different shortcuts. For most of the operations like saving, deleting, searching etc direct command button has been given. So any average computer knowing user can also handle the entire system with very less training.

Download Sales Information System Synopsis

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Details of purchasing this project

Project TitleSales Information System
Project Code104
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.6.0, SQL Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR) 1000/- 
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