102 – Hotel Management System Project VB.Net

Hotel Management System Project is to automate day by day activities of Hotels like room activities, admission of new customer and room allotment to the customers according to their demand and manage records of checkouts & billing.

Introduction to Hotel Management System Project

Hotel management system project is developed for smooth running and management of hotels. First we gathered information about the process from several hotels managed by both computerized and manual system. After detailed analysis of the data collected the entitled Hotel management system project was developed. This project was developed in VB.Net and SQL server. Hotel management system project will be indeed helpful in managing hotel and reduce the work load of employees.

Objectives of Hotel management system project

  • The main objective of this VB project is to ensure reliable and efficient communication within hotel and avoid common input errors done by hotel staff.
  • This project also aims and fast and easy retrieval of hotel guest records for faster reference activities.
  • Third main important objective of Hotel management system project is to enforce security measures to avoid unauthorized access to the customer record.

Features of Hotel management system project

Hotel management system project offers various services. Hotel management system project maitains record of all the customers. The advance room booking can be done through this VB.net project. As the customer comes in the hotel the check in entry is done in the software and when customer finally leaves the hotel then check out entry is done by the Hotel management system project and final bill is generated. Some more features of this project are as follows:

  1. The whole project is menu driven, window based and provides very strong security feature.
  2. Advantage of Hotel management system project over the manual system
  3. This VB.net project has very simple user interface. Hotel employees don’t need any special computer skills to operate this system.
  4. Hotel management system project has relatively low running cost as this is a window based offline software so it doesn’t requires internet services etc.

Download Hotel Management System Synopsis

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Details of purchasing this project

Project TitleHotel Management System
Project Code102
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.Net, SQL Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR) 1500/- 
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